I’ve been on the air since 1978, operating mostly CW. I have always enjoyed DXing and rag-chewing and have lately gotten interested in contesting and lowband operation. My favorite contests are CQWW, ARRL DX, ARRL 160 DX and various sprint-type contests, always on CW.

I’m not very good at contesting, but I do enjoy it.

I grew up in Tyler, Texas and operated from there as KA5BBL from 1978 to 1984, when I joined the Navy. 1984 to 1993 were spent in the Submarine Service working on inertial navigation and electronic surveillance systems. Shot some interesting photos out the periscope with a specially-designed Nikon F3 and a ton of Tri-X – those were the days.

I spent 4 years on USS Barb (SSN-596) and was lucky enough to visit some of the DX countries I never would have otherwise seen: DU, VS6, KG6, KH6, 9V, JA, VK6, VQ9, HS and KL7 (Philippines, Hong Kong, Guam, Hawaii, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Diego Garcia, Thailand, Alaska).

Operated briefly as VQ9BL where I gave a pretty poor account of myself in the enormous pile-ups that that call-sign generated.

After the watery life, I spent 1993-2006 in NY/NJ/CT and upgraded to AA5YX and AE5X. Moved back to my home state in 2006 and now live just northeast of Houston in a house with a yard full of tall pines for my various and sundry wires.

USS Barb, Thanksgiving Day in Adak Alaska, 1986

Equipment: a slew of QRP rigs built from kits – my favorites are the KX1 and ATS-3a, both of which are written about within these pages. Also a Yaesu FT840, which has earned its place as my all-time favorite radio due to its incredible performance:cost ratio and an Elecraft K3 that is now my main rig.

I currently have an 80m dipole up 75 feet and fed with ladder line for use on all the HF bands and a Force 12 C3 up 45 feet.

Any DXpeditions needing a CW op? Give me a shout – my K3 has a handle on it.