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Stellar WSPR receiver kit built and working


Last week I ordered a Stellar WSPR RK-1 Receiver Kit for the 30 meter band. I received the kit today and built it after dinner in a little over an hour. There are about 40 through-hole parts to install on a board with plenty of real estate. Anyone who’s built a QRP kit will find…

Ultimate III kit completed and tested


I managed to find time to build Hans G0UPL’s latest kit yesterday morning and am happy with the results of today’s initial testing. Assembly time of the main kit plus one low pass filter (for 30m) took a bit over 2-1/2 hours. The parts assembly aspect of the kit consists of two small boards – the main…

A stand-alone receiver kit for WSPR


A few months ago I wrote about a new transmitter kit for WSPR. A receiver kit for this mode is now available from a different source (also available fully built). Of more significance than the fact that we hams have a new kit available is the idea that WSPR is a great science project for…

WSPR success with new kit


Conclusion first: Start of build to 1st spot – 50 minutes. As luck would have it, the second station to spot me was Jay W5OLF himself from 800 miles away – the maker of the kit!   The build was simple, logically-ordered and straightforward.