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Jonathan Trappe KJ4GQV on a “Chairway to heaven”

Jonathan Trappe soars in bid to be the first man to cross the Atlantic in a balloon cluster system

At 1200Z today, Jonathan Trappe KJ4GQV took off from Caribou Maine beneath a cluster of 370 helium-filled balloons in  an attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Ham that he is, he’s carrying beacons transmitting on 14.0956 MHz (110 Baud ASCII RTTY using the callsign NG0X) and 144.390 MHz APRS (using KJ4GQV).

NOAA 15 satellite pass received

Screenshot of SDR# during reception

NOAA 15 made a pass over my QTH this morning with a maximum elevation of 35 degrees. Not ideal but I was surprised to start receiving the satellite’s signal on the very minute of its rise above the horizon. At this point, it was being received 2.5 kHz above the onboard transmit freq of 137.620 MHz…



“QFH?” means “Do you have a quadrifilar helicoidal?” As of this morning I am “QFH” and ready to receive NOAA weather satellites – in fact, I already have with the antenna indoors and propped against a wall. The resulting image is nothing to write home about but I have no doubt that once placed outside…

A miscellaneous post


The team at VK9CZ spent the first few days on phone and then migrated to CW, becoming DXCC #302 (#299 with the dipole) for me soon thereafter. Despite their posting about the lack of a reliable internet connection, I and many others had our LoTW confirmations only hours later. That’s good because their signal was so strong…

New weather station


Yesterday UPS delivered a new Davis weather station to my humble abode. At one time I had their Vantage Pro II model but lightning took care of that fine instrument which I soon replaced with a cheap Chinese model which was inaccurate and almost as poorly constructed as this rambling sentence. You get what you pay for…

Personal weather stations & RFI


It’s hotter than the hinges on hell’s front door lately but it didn’t get anywhere near 128F today, nor did we dip down to -16.5F last night. The other readings are pretty accurate – including the time stamps on the questionable readings which reveal their cause – RFI. My old Davis unit suffered the same…