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DXing with George


If George Harrison had been a DXer, he’d be loving the current solar conditions. 10, 12 and 15 are, of course, phenomenal and DXers around the planet seem to be making full use of the bands. Parts of the world not often heard on my little dipole are roaring in before sun-up and long after sunset.…

Huck Finn goes DXing


Diligence is a good thing, but taking things easy is much more restful. – Mark Twain Here’s a new way to operate split and get the target DX station logged in a low-key, lazy, Huck Finn sort of way. And you don’t have to be operating from the banks of the Mississippi to use it.

Sunday morning hymnals and reflections


I had planned on operating on 6 meter CW in this weekend’s ARRL VHF contest but, man, what a difference from a few months ago. I made a total of one contact – K5MV, who lives about 20 miles north of me. A scan of the band, the DX cluster and other websites shows a…

Propagation, why dost thou mock me?

G1A making log corrections for CQWW 1632

The Maunder Minimum began roughly 30 years after William Shakspeare’s death. But, being climatic, its boundries had rough edges, ill defined – and probably overlapped decades before and after its claimed lifespan. If Young Billy had been a ham, not only would he have been a QRPer (his most popular character wasn’t named “Hamlet” by mere…