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WSPRing on 10m with W5OLF’s latest transmitter


I managed to find time to assemble my 10m WSPR transmitter yesterday and put it on the air this evening. This is the 3rd version of such transmitters from Jay and it is significantly different than previous versions. For starters, it transmits 100% of the time and changes frequency semi-randomly from one 2-minute TX cycle…

17m in amazing condition today


Last night’s weather forecast caused me to disconnect my antennas/rotor cable before going to bed. Loud thunder awakened me at 1am and the rain gauge this morning had recorded 3.5″ of rain that had mostly cleared out by sunrise. With coffee in hand and antennas re-attached, I turned on the K3 and found 17 meters…

FT5ZM on 80m


I had pretty much contented myself with having worked FT5ZM on 40m and didn’t really believe that an 80m contact would be possible. Mike AD5A recently worked them on 80m from his QTH a couple hundred miles west of me but the evening pile-ups have increasingly turned me off and the motivation just wasn’t there…

Customized propagation charts


More and more DXpeditions lately are providing some form of propagation prediction software that can be customized to a user’s QTH and station (antenna) configuration. The latest DXpedition to do so is C82DX via their website here. Although I’ve noticed similar programs on other websites, I haven’t really paid much attention to them. Instead, I’m more likely…

Long-path QSO with YL


Long-path QSOs are noteworthy for me in that I don’t have many of them that I am able to verify via antenna rotation. I need to work on exploring other propagation paths… And, in a male-dominated hobby, QSOs with YLs are also rare. This morning Ina YD1NAA provided both.