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91 years of “Popular Science” magazine now online


Although not downloadable, these old magazines are easily readable online thanks to hi-res scans. And they’re always interesting. The Google scans are complete and in full color – even the ads are there. Indices of most of the individual issues contain hyperlinks to feature articles making it unnecessay to scroll through numerous pages to get to…

Toroids & broadband transformer bulletins de W1FB


My initial entry into QRP was via two kits offered by Doug DeMaw W1FB (SK) 24 years ago – a small 40 meter transmitter and a 5-watt amp. Along with the kits, Doug included a handwritten letter to me with words of encouragement for my new interest in QRP. I sometimes wonder how many others he started on…

“Practical Electronics” also online


15 issues of Practical Electronics are also online as free pdf files. Most issues are from 1964-1965. Downloadable from here. . To see all downloadable magazines/catalogs linked from my site, click here. To read individual articles about radio’s past (and sometimes from the published article itself), click here. .

Three old Heathkit catalogs now online


Bill K4CIA recently uploaded three old Heathkit catalogs to his website (which contains other old docs besides Heath). They’re big files though; if you only download one of them, make it the 1958 version – it has a full schematic of all the amateur-related products. The other years are 1967 and 1969. And a kit…

Old Radio Shack catalogs now online


Man, these old catalogs from Radio Shack sure bring back some memories! I remember drooling over the DX-150/160 receivers in my early teens. Ditto for one or two models of those cool 8-track tape players and a lot of miscellaneous gadgets of antenna hardware. I guess my ham radio hobby was a preordained certainty. Have…