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Allied Radio (1929-1981) catalogs online


Add Allied Radio to the growing list of old publications finding their way online (the others are here). I find the prices for various items to be an interesting thing to ponder. A $40 console radio in 1938 cost $748 in today’s equivelant dollars. Here’s an inflation calculator to help you make similar comparisons. . .

Updates: Ten Tec, Elecraft, 73 Magazine


Just before Christmas of 2011, Wayne Greene of 73 Magazine released the entire collection of that magazine to the public domain. I posted a convenient way to download those 518 issues and that posting ranks as my all-time highest hit count so I know many hams around the world now have those 17GB of great…

91 years of “Popular Science” magazine now online


Although not downloadable, these old magazines are easily readable online thanks to hi-res scans. And they’re always interesting. The Google scans are complete and in full color – even the ads are there. Indices of most of the individual issues contain hyperlinks to feature articles making it unnecessay to scroll through numerous pages to get to…

Toroids & broadband transformer bulletins de W1FB


My initial entry into QRP was via two kits offered by Doug DeMaw W1FB (SK) 24 years ago – a small 40 meter transmitter and a 5-watt amp. Along with the kits, Doug included a handwritten letter to me with words of encouragement for my new interest in QRP. I sometimes wonder how many others he started on…

An easy way to download 17GB of “73 Magazine”

I finished downloading all 518 issues of 73 Magazine last night. I should have procrastinated – an activity in which I’ve achieved complete fluency due to years of dedicated practice. Thanks to a very helpful email from Ingo DK3RED a short while ago, maybe others won’t have to go through that tedious one-at-a-time download process. The heavy lifting…

“Practical Electronics” also online


15 issues of Practical Electronics are also online as free pdf files. Most issues are from 1964-1965. Downloadable from here. . To see all downloadable magazines/catalogs linked from my site, click here. To read individual articles about radio’s past (and sometimes from the published article itself), click here. .