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Adios to K6JSS/5

It’s been a fun week as Texas prepares to hand off the K6JSS callsign to Kansas. Band conditions during the week were not the best – lots of QSB/QRN made some contacts more difficult than they would have been normally. Regardless, I was able to log 110 QSOs as K6JSS/5. Some were brief info exchanges,…

The original K6JSS


I had a great time working lots of stations last night on 40 and 80 meters. Lots of QSB made conditions tough on 40m but I avoided the usual QRM by operating up on 7110 kHz. Among others, I finally ran into Larry W2LJ between deep fades of the ionosphere. Nice to get you in…

My best day as K6JSS/5

I worked 19 stations today on various bands as K6JSS/5 but it’s who I worked that made it great – a combination of people I know personally from my time in W2-land and of people I wish I knew personally. From the former category

K6JSS/5 operations – FAQs

  I’ve been getting a lot of email regarding Texas’ week (Jan 24-30) with the K6JSS callsign. In addition, the event has morphed into a more free-form style than what was initially described. And that’s a good thing! This seems as good a place as any to post the latest updates as we prepare to begin…