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Ham Radio News on 1 April 2014


Boxing ring set up at Visalia for DX Convention The ugly little secret behind DX and contesting conventions is that for the first time ever, many people are meeting face to face who have been involved in on-the-air altercations. DXing and contesting, for many people, are adrenelin-fueled frenzies of activity. Many will do whatever it…

American hams ordered to cease operations


In the latest directive of the US government “slimdown” the FCC has ordered all US hams to immediately go QRT until further notice. Justification comes from the fact that since a federal entity issued the licenses, the validity of those licenses is subject to the fiscal health of the agency that granted them – the FCC.

Free VLF antennas (some travel required)


Are you getting ready for the upcoming winter’s reduced QRN on lower frequencies? Maybe preparing for the new LF band or planning a beacon in the 160-190 kHz “experimenter’s band”? If so, I may be able to help you out with a freebie antenna. It even meets Mil-Specs. On the ocean floor, in the northwestern…

DXing’s obsession emulated in “The Big Year”


I watched “The Big Year” a couple of nights ago and can’t imagine a DXer watching this movie and not seeing the parallels between DXing and birdwatching. The movie is about three guys who compete with each other to see who can see the highest number of bird species in a single year. You know…