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Updates: Ten Tec, Elecraft, 73 Magazine


Just before Christmas of 2011, Wayne Greene of 73 Magazine released the entire collection of that magazine to the public domain. I posted a convenient way to download those 518 issues and that posting ranks as my all-time highest hit count so I know many hams around the world now have those 17GB of great…

Nikon and Elecraft customer service comparison


Apples and oranges – yes, I know. These are two vastly different companies in terms of their size and what they produce but with my products from each company costing the same amount I can’t help but compare them anyway. A year and a half ago, Nikon released its D600 – a semi-pro D-SLR camera…

KX3 assembly photos de WG0AT


With Steve WG0AT’s kind permission, a few appetite-whetting photos from Steve of his KX3 assembly. Thanks Steve! Morning John …hard to tear my self away from this wonderful lil rig this morning! Went to bed at 1AM and up at 5AM with headphones and a cup of joe already worked several stns! Too much FUN! Going…