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EB63A completed & tested

I finally got around to hooking up the external connections to my EB63A board: 12V, RF in and RF out. The amp works as expected. A bit under 3 watts in from my Wilderness NC40A produces 130 watts out. This is into a dummy load with a low pass filter built for that band from…

AD6KA’s EB63 (non “A”) amplifier


As I continue working on mine, Ken AD6KA who has also built an EB63, has been kind enough to answer the questions I had regarding this amplifier. Yesterday he sent me a few photos of his original version of the amp so I could compare it with the “A” version I’m building now. Ken’s amp…

Back on track with the EB63A

That’s EB63 alpha. If you order the parts to build an EB63 140W amp from CCI, you’ll actually receive the parts to build an EB63A. No mention of the A version is on their website. The bulletin available as your guide is for the original EB63. In short, they offer docs for the old version…

The good, the bad and the ugly…


The Bad and the Ugly is that the EB63 has issues that are going to take time to resolve so my initial plans for it are on hold. Wrong parts, missing parts and a reconfigured circuit board (with no updated documentation/diagrams) are going to take phone calls to CCI and time to resolve.


Parts for 140W amp

Two items arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon – my EB63 140W HF amp kit and my new-to-me Ameritron AL-811 amplifier. I bought the amplifier used at a price I couldn’t say no to and am looking forward to putting it through its paces on 80 meters over the winter DX season.