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More on the DSO-2250


I had the opportunity to put the DSO-2250 up against an HP/Agilent 54645A oscilloscope this evening, comparing them on a variety of signals up to 75 MHz. It’ll probably come as no surprise that  the HP ran circles around the DSO at the higher end of their range but below 25 MHz the $200 DSO…

Initial impressions of DSO-2250


My USB-based, 2-channel, digital storage oscope arrived yesterday and I thought I’d post a few photos and screenshots for those who may be interested. I bought the oscope for $200 from eBay seller “ddtaktak1995” who has a 99.5% rating. A few hours later I received an email (seperate from the normal eBay channels) from Yan…

New oscilloscope on the way


Thanks to my job, I’ve never had any reason to buy test equipment. All QRP rigs I’ve ever built were aligned using top-grade gear that I could never hope to afford so my only gear here in the shack is a Fluke 87 and an antenna analyzer. But there have been many times I’d rather…