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Grayline map for Droid


Normally I use DX Atlas to give me a view of what part of the world I share a given path with – darkness, grayline, etc. Or to tell me when I will. Unlike a lot of DXers, I only have one computer and one monitor in the shack and don’t care to add more.…

“DX Cluster” app for Droid – updated & improved


After upgrading to a new Droid-based smartphone a few days ago I started looking for an app that would monitor DX spots and alert me when the target of interest appeared. As far as I can tell there are two apps available that will monitor DX spots – NKCCluster and DX Cluster. Of those, only…

Droid apps for hams


More apps for hams, including a PSK31 encoder/decoder, Morse decoder, Morse trainer, NCDXF beacon indicator and DX Cluster app. I haven’t tried any of them but will soon. Here they are. . .