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External controller for ATS-4 de JA7QIL


Katsu JA7QIL has built an improved method of tuning up and down the band when operating the ATS-4 – and added paddles to boot. In his own words (and with Katsu’s kind permission to post here): For easier ATS-4 operation, I built an ATS-4 Controller with touch paddle as shown below. Though I call it “Controller”, it…

ATS-4B lives, additional element ordered for C3


I built my ATS-4B several months ago and finally got on the air with it yesterday. Most of the delay was caused by an intermittent problem; the rest, by the tower project. The problem was the result of a flaky solder joint on a tiny MOSFET that, at times, would function normally on one or…

Drag soldering


A big tip o’ the hat to Chris N2YYZ for passing along a new-to-me technique for soldering tiny SMD parts. I’ve heard of the hot air flow method and the heat-it-in-a-skillet method with solder paste as well as a few other techniques but drag soldering? That’s a new one on me and I must say, it looks…

Construction finished on ATS-4B


Last night and this morning were spent putting the finishing touches on my ATS-4B kit. As I’d hoped, the smoke test was uneventful, the display came on and followed my band changes and there was noise in the headphones. Freq changes and other button functions are working as well. Phew…!

ATS-4B nearing completion


After an easy 2 hours this afternoon the only parts left to be installed on my ATS-4B are the inductors (already wound), jacks, switches and push-buttons. So far everything is going well. There have been only two typos in the instructions (both minor and easily figured out) with answers confirmed via the ATS Yahoo Group.…

ATS4B – caps installed; FunCube Dongle on hold

Caps installed

Progressing at a snail’s pace with the ATS4B… The truth is, after a day/week in the classroom, I’m not too motivated to work on this project. I was today though and installed all but 4 of the SMD capacitors. Child’s play after those tiny multi-pinned chips. Four caps are left over – they’re in a white package instead of the specified…