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New weather station


Yesterday UPS delivered a new Davis weather station to my humble abode. At one time I had their Vantage Pro II model but lightning took care of that fine instrument which I soon replaced with a cheap Chinese model which was inaccurate and almost as poorly constructed as this rambling sentence. You get what you pay for…

Citibank, hams & APRS?

I just saw this commercial on the Weather Channel & it looks more like a ham-related balloon launch & recovery (via APRS?) that anything else. Have a look-see at the vid:

ADS-B: Aviation’s APRS


Within the radio hobby, we have not only hams but shortwave listeners, scanner aficionados and many other specialties. And as in ham radio, each category has subcategories – a scanner listener may be interested only in trains. A shortwave listener may only want to listen for commercial RTTY stations. Those interested in aviation now have…