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Chevelles and QRO


From time to time, I get the urge to buy a car of a model I had as a youth and slowly begin a learn-as-I-go process of restoration. I scour the eBay ads and local newspaper for a ’64 Chevy pickup, ’70 Chevelle or a ’72 Cutlass. I imagine the solitary fun I’d have, slowly taking my time in…

“Mains” stability during transmit


Here in the US, standard voltage of electrical outlets is 120 VAC via a tapped 240 VAC service available at the breaker panel. Everything in my shack operates from the normal 120V outlets, including my AL-811/AL-80BQ. I thought it might be interesting to measure the voltage drop caused by transmitting while QRO. The extent of that drop…

Smoke, New Ones and QRO – 2011 ARRL DX Contest (CW)


Even without personal experience, we all know that QRO is more high-maintenance than the 100 watt world. I knew going into this that my old (but new to me) AL-811 might not handle the duty cycle of a 48-hour contest – my plan was to back it down to 300 watts at the first sign of excessive…

The price of a solid-state watt


As Elecraft gets ready to release its KPA500 solid state amplifier, I’ve been comparing similar amps from other manufacturers. According to a recent posting to the Elecraft reflector by Eric Swartz WA6HHQ, the KPA500 will be around $2000 for the kit version. That’s “kit” as in solderless K3-style. In the meantime, as I (and others) do…

Two weeks with the AL-811

I received my used AL-811 two weeks ago and, despite infrequent useage, do not regret purchasing it. I have not done any On/Off comparisons and don’t intend to annoy anyone by asking them for a comparitive report. Instead, I’m just going about my regular way of operating and seeing if a half KW makes a…


Parts for 140W amp

Two items arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon – my EB63 140W HF amp kit and my new-to-me Ameritron AL-811 amplifier. I bought the amplifier used at a price I couldn’t say no to and am looking forward to putting it through its paces on 80 meters over the winter DX season.