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Receiving ADS-B on the SDR dongle


I hadn’t anticipated moving up into the GHz range with this cheap little gadget yet but as it turns out, receiving and decoding the pulse trains that make up ADS-B is even simpler than using it to explore VHF/UHF. This is entirely due to the excellent software available for this purpose. These dongles are not…

ADS-B, MLAT and Mode-S via $18 SDR receiver


Inspired by G4VXE and a few others, I recently ordered a dongle-type SDR receiver via eBay. It’s due to arrive Wednesday. This particular dongle has a few things going for it that make it ideal for experimentation (low price being first and foremost): Freq coverage is 25-1700 MHz – there’s a lot of stuff going…

ADS-B: Aviation’s APRS


Within the radio hobby, we have not only hams but shortwave listeners, scanner aficionados and many other specialties. And as in ham radio, each category has subcategories – a scanner listener may be interested only in trains. A shortwave listener may only want to listen for commercial RTTY stations. Those interested in aviation now have…