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New One on 80m


I woke up this morning to the coldest temperature Houston has seen in a very long time (-2C) and took great pleasure in the aroma of coffee and post-solar storm propagation on the low bands. It’s been a slow year for me on 80m and for DXing in general – it seems the only time…

Video: Strong sigs from T33A & K9W

This recording was made about an hour after my local sunrise. Both stations are very strong and band conditions are also quite good with very little QRN. Apologies for the lighting – it was too early to fuss with that ;-) . .

3B9EME loud on 80m – in afternoon

The callsign for the group of Italians currently on Rodrigues Island may lead you to believe that they are dedicated primarily to making EME QSO’s from that location – but for two afternoons in a row, their signal on 80 meters quickly dispels that notion. Sunset at my QTH is at 7:30pm local and I’ve…

The return of Index Laboratories


I’ve made no secret of my enthusiasm for Index Labs’ little QRP+ transceiver. As a fairly new ham back when they were released I couldn’t afford one. I wasn’t much more than a kid then, with mostly empty pockets. But today, my new-to-me QRP+ shares shack space right along with my K3, while most other…

4W6A and band conditions


W3LPL recently wrote that we are currently in the “longest period of sustained high solar flux in seven years.” That something good is at work in the ionosphere is obvious to anyone with 12m capabilities. Couple that with the northern hemisphere’s entry into fall, with decreasing lowband QRN, and conditions are good 12-80 meters. Finally.…