Force 12 C3E plots

C3 vs C3E:

  • C3 – two elements per band for 10-15-20 meters
  • C3E (Enhanced) – same as C3 but with an additional parasitic element on 10m

The following plots were made in EZNEC with the virtual antenna at a height of 42 feet (12.8m) over real ground (1 Medium). Gain is referenced to an isotropic radiator so subtract 8 dB from the gain figures to reference the C3E’s gain to a dipole over identical ground.

Azimuth plots were made at the elevation of greatest RF radiation for each particular band.



C3E – 10 meters



C3E – 12 meters



C3E – 15 meters



C3E – 17 meters



C3E – 20 meters




  2 comments for “Force 12 C3E plots

  1. N2WQ
    October 2, 2013 at 9:16 am

    Is it possible to post your modified NEC file on this site? I’d like to use your design and add elements for 15 and 20m and then convert the entire antenna to a wire beam.

    Rudy N2WQ

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