Soon to be active on the 5cm band


A few weeks ago I sold my 1st generation Phantom quadcopter to a friend and bought the newest version which has several very significant upgrades over the older. These include: a 2D brushless gimbal – videos are now smooth regardless of the quad’s motion (see video below) a higher capacity “smart” battery which increases flight…

Nikon and Elecraft customer service comparison


Apples and oranges – yes, I know. These are two vastly different companies in terms of their size and what they produce but with my products from each company costing the same amount I can’t help but compare them anyway. A year and a half ago, Nikon released its D600 – a semi-pro D-SLR camera…

Video: Antenna view via quadcopter


I recently added a GoPro Hero camera to my DJI Phantom quadcopter and have been having a lot of fun with it. Two co-workers enjoyed test flights with the combo so much that they now also have similar set-ups. A trip to San Antonio this past weekend was too busy to allow me to over-fly…

Old radios and good-lookin’ women


In January 2013, I posted something to the effect that one of my goals for the year was to find some way to combine my two hobbies – ham radio and photography. The year came and went without that resolution being realized. The problem was inspiration - or rather a lack of it. Inspiration has now arrived in…

Test video from quadcopter


I ordered a GoPro camera for my DJI Phantom a few days ago and it is due to arrive tomorrow. In the meantime I decided to attach a cheap key-fob camera to the ‘copter and see if I could get anything useable. I didn’t, but it was fun nevertheless.

My own drone (and maybe 5.8 GHz ATV)


DJI dropped the price significantly of its amazingly successful Phantom quadcopter yesterday and I now have one on the way to this QTH. I had been waiting for its replacement, the Vision, to be released but the more I read about it, the more I prefer the Phantom as a platform for aerial videography.