John AE5X

Alternatives to QRM


Every year about this time, I make a station upgrade. An amp three years ago, a tower/Yagi two years ago and some ergonomic upgrades last year. The DX season is approaching and I want to make the best of it. This year’s upgrade was slated to be the K3 innard that’s been on my mind…

Guinness record for most QSOs meets birthday celebration?


In early 2000, Juka OH2BR was recognized by Guinness Records for making the most QSO’s ever in a single year from a single location. He was operating as VP6BR on Pitcairn Island and accomplished that record of 56,239 QSO’s in only 3 months. Mark ON4WW is hoping to beat that record in 2016 by operating…

Two configurations for back-up DC power for the shack

Standard configuration

I am currently awaiting the arrival of a PWRgate PG40S from West Mountain Radio. With a hefty battery available, it only makes sense to put it to use as a method of protection against power outages during wind storms. After all, most modern rigs, including my K3, like to be shut down in an “orderly fashion” rather…