John AE5X

Portable SDR with built-in antenna analyzer


As I read the web site and watch the embedded videos, I am of course interested in the technology described – but perhaps even more interesting is the age of the ham involved. We often hear about the “graying” of ham radio and I’ll be the first to agree with those who say that the hobby…

Why not a “smart” autotuner?


Three decades ago, every issue of QST had an ad from Palomar Engineers with exactly two products being pushed – a VLF converter and a noise bridge. They looked quite similar in identically-sized bright red housings. I bought the VLF converted and had a lot of fun experimenting with it. As for the noise bridge –…

Thanks *again*, Nigel!


Nigel G3TXF has given me a number of New Ones in his extensive travels as a DXer – most recently Tristan da Cunha as he operates as ZD9XF. I won’t say he’s particularly strong here at the moment but we were both strong enough for him to give me ATNO #314. For those who know…