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n2From The KP1-5 project
RE: Navassa Island (KP1) Operation
August 29, 2014
KP1 Navassa Island

The KP1-5 Project is pleased to announce that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to allow an amateur radio operation from Navassa National Wildlife Refuge (KP1). The operation will occur within the next 18 months and will be coordinated with the USFWS work flow.

Over the past year, the KP1-5 Project has had numerous meetings with various levels of USFWS management. Throughout our discussions, their personnel have been courteous, professional and cooperative. We have been treated with sincere interest and respect and believe that amateur radio operators may now be viewed as partners and not adversaries.

As with the Desecheo operation in 2009, and in order to be transparent and fair, the USFWS has requested proposals for the amateur radio operation from those individuals and groups that have already applied for a Special Use Permit in the past. The KP1-5 Project will be submitting a proposal and hoping to be selected as they were for the very successful Desecheo (K5D) operation.

We wish to thank the USFWS for their decision to allow this operation. Navassa Island is ranked #2 most-needed DXCC entity by The DX Magazine and #1 by ClubLog.

Please visit our website for up to date information.


The KP1-5 Project



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