17m in amazing condition today

17mLast night’s weather forecast caused me to disconnect my antennas/rotor cable before going to bed. Loud thunder awakened me at 1am and the rain gauge this morning had recorded 3.5″ of rain that had mostly cleared out by sunrise.

With coffee in hand and antennas re-attached, I turned on the K3 and found 17 meters to be in fantastic shape, not necessarily with stronger signals than normal, but rather with propagation to a part of the world I don’t normally hear on that band during my mornings.

First up was Jeff in Hong Kong who confirmed our QSO via email, followed by P29NO and then JT1AA/3. Jeff was QRP with a K2 and random wire antenna from his high-rise.

I have no idea if Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea were worked long-path or not. My triband C3E is bidirectional on 17m so no way to compare strength between long- and short-path.

Now back to spinning the dial…



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  1. May 13, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Humm… not a good time frame for me.
    At this moment of the day it’s time with the kids before going to bed.
    I will try to have an ear anyhow…
    I need to increase my DXCC count on 17m.


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