LED lighting for the shack

LED_lightsEvery now and then I like to operate without the main room light being on. Turning it on in the wee hours of the morning when Pacific DX is coming in on 80 meters just ruins the ambiance. I like working morning DX by the light of the rig’s panel lights – or maybe by the warm glow of a helpful 3-500Z.

But I can’t see my keyboard for logging.

A few days ago I ordered a cheap set of 3 LED strip lights for the radio desk and installed them underneath the shelf that holds the rig. What a difference in operational ease for such a simple job – should have done it long ago.

The LED lights from Amazon are modular – I can use one strip or attach all three together in series. Or more if additional illumination is needed. I ended up using only two of the strips and they balance perfectly with the panel lights of the K3, tuner and rotator controller.

Before and after:







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  1. March 18, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    Hello John, as you probabely know I’m planning some more LED lightning in my shack. I already use LED TL illuminiation just on the mains power. But what I want is 12 LED strip on batteries which are charged by solarpanels on the shack roof. I used exactly the same set you have on my homemade desklight. I bought them years ago at IKEA. Now I’m more keen on the flexible strips they sell in various colors ( http://bit.ly/1nBLn4d ). I already used it in a cabinet which holds our scanner/printer, a small microswitch swithes the LED strip on when we open the door. You can even buy this strip in RGB color with remote control to mix any color you want. I’ve seen a video somewhere from a guy that connected it to the TX switch. Green background light when receiving, Red when TXing. Fun eh! 73, Bas

  2. March 18, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Good evening John, I am in the same shape as you with regards to lighting….or the same shape you were in! My roll top is located in a part of the condo that when the sun goes down it’s the light of the monitors that is my only light. I have been shying away from external lighting as I did not want to cause RFI to the rig? I have heard bad results from compact florescent lighting and was not sure how the LED were. I would guess you have had no problems with either the lighting of the power adapter have you? Your lighting idea would also be great for this ham as well.

    • March 18, 2014 at 8:41 pm

      Hi Mike,

      I do have CFLs in other parts of the house but no RFI from any of them or the LEDs on any bands. Either I’m lucky or the RFI issue with CFLs has been exaggerated.

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