A solid-state kilowatt amp kit on the horizon?

pa1000I’ve never understood why no manufacturer offers a 1000-watt amplifier kit (though Ameritron comes close with their amps needing a thorough look-over before power is applied).

I think there is a market for such a kit and have thought that if one was offered, it would be based on a 3-500Z or some other tube. The last such amp kit was Heath’s SB-2xx series.

But Juma appears to be getting ready to market the PA1000 – a solid-state kilowatt amp kit and have kept their website posted with results of testing various iterations of its prototype.

From W9GB:

The Finnish designed JUMA PA-1000 uses a single Freescale LDMOS MRFE6VP61K25H.

Freescale is the “spin-off” of the Motorola Division that Finnish-American Helge Granberg (SK, 1996) worked in with Norman Dye and Les Besser during the development of the first solid-state Bi-Polar and MOSFET RF transistors.

Granberg is the Finnish equivalent to Art Collins.

For that reason, JUMA has specific pride in this HF amplifier product / construction project.
The Freescale Labs in Arizona (Donna Vigneri, KF7SJF) has been testing many potential HF designs for the past few years.

As currently described, the Juma amp offers significantly more gain than the 13 dB authorized by the FCC so type-approval would not occur with the amp as is.

My own opinion of Juma (based on their QRP kits) is that they price themselves out of what the market will easily support and that they have a checkered history of availability.

If the PA1000 proves me wrong in those opinions, I’ll seriously consider buying one.



  3 comments for “A solid-state kilowatt amp kit on the horizon?

  1. Owen
    March 10, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    I guess there’s this design if you don’t mind some diy.


    • March 11, 2014 at 8:41 am

      Unfortunately, these amp kits don’t come with any protective circuitry for the solid state devices and such protection is essential. And it is beyond most amateurs (including me) to design and implement such circuits into a bare-bones kit.

  2. Marcel
    March 17, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Hi! Well done and clean material . Professional design. We hope to have price and details of how to order.
    QRO 73s from F8CID and the radioclub F6KMX ( Saint MAUR des FOSSES)

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