Radios, guns and gardens – when does “prepping” begin?

panelI get a fair amount of hits on my website from Googlers who land here seeking info on ham radio as a communicative correlation to their “doomsday preps”.

(I think it’s because of the QRP excursions written up in the ‘Pages’ section).

Some of them email me and ask mostly-uninformed questions on the topic as if, by virtue of being a ham, I must also be a prepper. I’m not a prepper but, to a good number of those who are, hams skilled in outdoor QRP activity are seen by them to possess skills that they themselves would appreciate having and this forms the basis of many of their questions.

Being mostly non-committal on the topic, I haven’t given it much thought. I don’t think the world is going to spiral into chaos and I don’t horde food but I do know how to set up and efficiently operate a QRP rig from the field, I am a gun owner with a concealed carry permit, we garden and compost and I’ve been tinkering with a 75W solar panel. And I’ve recently begun to fantasize about keeping bees.

Not to be a prepper – I’m just interested in those things in their own rite.

But back to ham radio…

From now on, to those who land here seeking info on what radio, antenna, mode or band to use for communications when zombies or the UN invades (or whatever scenario they envision), I’ll send them to Radio Preppers. The solar panel pictured above is from this thread and seems like a pretty cool little set-up with a KD1JV MTR and other gear.

Here’s a thread on eHam that will call on your outdoor QRP experiences in a hypothetical “what if” scenario.

In a Mother Earth News sort of way, self-sufficiency and living off the grid (at least to some extent) have been valued concepts for decades. Now some of those same practices are being applied by a new demographic with a different mind-set and, although I don’t share it, I do understand where they’re coming from more than I would’ve 15 or 20 years ago…



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