G0UPL’s Ultimate3 kit ordered (finally!)

qrss3Up until a few months ago, ordering one of Tony Parks’ SDR kits required luck and good timing. His kits would only be offered for sale once every few months and would sell out in a matter of hours.

Ditto for KD1JV and other kit designers.

Hans Summers G0UPL periodically offers kits as well – most of them very unique – and I’ve had my eye on a Ultimate3 QRSS kit for a while but always missed the window of opportunity.

Enter a website called ChangeDetection. I’m sure there are others that do the same thing – enter the website of interest and your email address and, like magic, when the page is changed in any way, you’ll get an email to that effect.

Some time last night, Hans updated his website with the announcement that his latest kit, the Ultimate3 QRSS, is now available and this morning my email inbox notified me of that.

So one of these kits is now on the way along with band filter modules for 30 and 40 meters.

Have a look at the kit – truly innovative and offers a large amount of “radio-variety” as a small and inexpensive QRP kit. Far more than QRSS, the beacon offers several flavors of CW, Hell and WSPR – all without requiring a PC for either operating or programming.

Incidentally, Hans and I met in person several years ago when I lived in New York and he was visiting Connecticut. You can read about that here.



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