EM1933L commemorates 1933 Holodomor


“Peasants’ crops seized, they and their animals starve”

Not much is known in the US (and perhaps much of the world) about the genocide-by-starvation perpetrated against Ukrainians by Stalinist Russia in 1932-33.

During this short amount of time, millions of Ukrainians starved to death. The word holodomor means “extermination by hunger” and emphasizes the intentional man-made aspect of its implementation.

A more detailed summary of just how a regime can create such a wide-spread and catastrophic famine can be found here.

As with other genocides throughout history, Holodomor is often denied or explained away by citing other factors despite evidence to the contrary. Many countries are only recently considering it acceptable to commemorate Holodomor with these events usually taking place in November.

On the airwaves, EM1933L will be operating on 20m, both phone and CW, until 24 Nov.

Numerous first-hand accounts of those times, as told by survivors, can be found here:





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  1. Vitaly
    November 24, 2013 at 2:27 am

    Thank You very much for this page. We r always must remember this tragedy provided by Stalin’s – Communist regime in Ukraine.
    73`s de UR5AVL

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