Grayline map for Droid

dwmNormally I use DX Atlas to give me a view of what part of the world I share a given path with – darkness, grayline, etc. Or to tell me when I will.

Unlike a lot of DXers, I only have one computer and one monitor in the shack and don’t care to add more. Therefore, the DX Cluster, my logging program and DX Atlas are all running simultaneously with the monitor displaying only one of those screens at any given time.

Thanks to a new Droid app though, I can have a display of the world’s light and dark regions displayed on my tablet. It’s also handy – well, at least fun – to be able to plan a DX session when I’m nowhere near the shack by seeing where the day/night terminator is and when it will be at a given location in the future by running the app on my smart phone.

The app is Daylight World Map and, although not designed for ham radio use, it definitely serves a purpose there. And it’s free.



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