Homebrew antenna elevator by W0DLR


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I’ve bought a lot of things in my life that I came to regret but the Hazer for my tower/Yagi is at the opposite end of that regret spectrum. It was money well spent and I’m reminded of that fact periodically. The ability to easily raise and lower my 8-element antenna (and the weather station that sits alongside it) is worth its weight in gold.

Since posting about my tower installation, I’ve received a couple dozen emails asking about the Hazer with the majority of those emails asking if I thought something similar could be built from scratch.

Dave W0DLR has done exactly that for around $200 and was nice enough to send along a few photos. I notice that instead of rollers, Dave’s version is using what looks like teflon to allow his elevator to ride up the tower with minimal friction.

Dave is also going to make use of an additional cable that will allow him to lower it if the pulley up top ever jams. I may consider adding one to mine. In my opinion, the pulley is the part of the system that needs the most attention since, if it ever jams, a tower climb is in order. If I had to do my own installation over again, I’d spend $$$ for a top-shelf marine grade pulley to replace the one that came with my own Hazer.

Thanks for the photos, Dave. It’s nice to know that someone out there is “rolling their own”.

Dave will be putting a Ham IV rotor and a TH6DXX Yagi onto his elevator soon and will then be filling his logbook with DX!









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  1. Dave W0DLR
    July 22, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    By the way, those nylon slides at each corner are made from a nylon cutting board from WalMart for about $2.00 They work fine.

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