‘Pадио’ (Radio) images as art

Given the passage of enough time, images and slogans that once compelled us to think of certain ideas in specific ways eventually come to take on a nostalgic and less ominous tone.

During the Cold War each of the superpowers made use of propaganda designed for internal consumption in order to portray their citizens as better, smarter and more virtuous than their counterparts “over there”.

With those days mostly behind us (for the moment anyway – the participants change and re-invent their definitions of what constitutes a virtue), it’s fun to look at images from a by-gone era to get a sense of those times all over again.

In keeping with this being a radio-related blog, these images are from the old Soviet ‘Radio’ magazine:












Many more images (700+) can be seen – and bought as “nouveau art” here.



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  1. Mr Reader
    July 6, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Hello and thank you very much for sharing your wonderful, well laid out and interesting website. It may interest you and others that these magazines can be downloaded on the Internet.
    Needless to say the cover art is fantastic and this is sadly something that’s become rare since the advent of the computer in desktop publishing.

    The Radio Magazine series can be obtained from here:

    They are in DJVU format so a program such as WinDJView will be needed to view them.


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