9U4U DVD received

9u4uI ordered the DVD of the 9U4U DXpedition to Burundi a few weeks ago, received it yesterday and had a chance to watch it last night.

The DVD is 35 minutes in length and its $19 cost provides a way to recoup some of the expenses involved in such a trip. The often massive cost of putting a rare one on the air is an ongoing topic on various DX forums, newsletters, etc and it’s good to see creative ways such as this being used to help offset those costs.

The video consists of still photos, videos and descriptive captions all set to a background of African music to set the scene. Also included are various clips of the operators handling the pile-ups, installing antennas and seeing the sights in town.

All of it was interesting to watch and I could easily have watched more of the operators doing their thing at the rigs – the next best thing to being there for us stay-at-home types and an opportunity to see what they have to deal with concerning out of turn callers, etc.

It might make more considerate DXers out of all of us if we could see things from the other end from time to time.

At the end, it was cool to see my callsign in the list of donors – along with (fortunately) hundreds of others from around the world.

Below is a short sample of the DVD which can be ordered here.

Thanks again guys for a terrific operation – and for allowing me into the 9U4U logbook 10 through 80.



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