Long-path QSO with YL



Long-path QSOs are noteworthy for me in that I don’t have many of them that I am able to verify via antenna rotation. I need to work on exploring other propagation paths…

And, in a male-dominated hobby, QSOs with YLs are also rare.

This morning Ina YD1NAA provided both.

I saw several spots for YD1NAA being on 21.010 MHz posted by European DXers. I doubted I’d be able to hear Indonesia on 15 meters in the morning but decided to take a listen anyway since the antenna was already pointed NW from the weekend’s All Asian DX Contest mini-effort.

Ina was detectable, but little more than that. Turning the antenna 180° away brought her up to 579, verifying the path. Band conditions were such that I could easily hear the Europeans Ina was working even though they were off the side of the beam.

She was working them slightly up…less than a khz. Zero-beating the last station she worked and then giving a quick call put Indonesia into the log the long way around.

Afterwards, V85TL was 7 khz up the band and also quite strong with the antenna pointed away from him.

A short but good run on 15m this morning.



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