4W6A and band conditions

W3LPL recently wrote that we are currently in the “longest period of sustained high solar flux in seven years.” That something good is at work in the ionosphere is obvious to anyone with 12m capabilities.

Couple that with the northern hemisphere’s entry into fall, with decreasing lowband QRN, and conditions are good 12-80 meters. Finally.

The peak on 80m this morning for 4W6A was more pronounced¬†than any I’ve ever noticed. I was at the radio an hour before my sunrise having seen spots posted by East Coast stations. With all the K3’s tricks, knobs and switches, I couldn’t hear a peep. Nada.

Thirty minutes later…still nothing at all, yet many W1-W4 stations working him from 8-10 kHz up the dial so I knew the spots were valid.

After 20 more minutes I finally started to hear them and, 10 minutes after that, he’s an honest 599+10.

At 1209Z, my sunrise precisely, 4W6A goes into the log as #152 on 80 meters, then starts fading again over the next 15 minutes down to inaudibility, like he was never there.



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  1. PA0O
    September 23, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    cgrts !
    heard 4W6A 569 long time on 28MHz but a little auroral sound they could not hear me. But I was only running kW ..
    I quit after 1 hour calling will not spend a mW more on them if they are not 599 it is useless calling I think

    • September 23, 2011 at 2:07 pm

      They are certainly a difficult path for Europe and they seem to be exploiting the higher band (10/12m) openings. It will be interesting to see their final stats once the DXpedition ends. Good luck & keep trying – who knows when the next 4W DXpedition will be…

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