Bandwidth measurements of QRP rigs

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Over the next few days I’ll be using Spectran and a Gigatronics 2420M to plot audio output characteristics vs RF input for the various QRP rigs that I own.

Those results will be posted to the QRP pages section under the QRP Equipment category as well as to the particular page of specific rigs that have their own page on this site.

I’ve always known that the ATS-3 series of transceivers have a very narrow bandwidth – as do the SST’s from Wilderness Radio – compared to the DSW and other rigs…but have never known to what degree.

Here is the 20m plot of Steve Weber’s ATS-3a, as an example.

Other rigs that will be plotted & posted are:

  • Wildeness SST/40m
  • Wilderness Norcal 40A
  • Small Wonder Labs DSW-20
  • Elecraft KX1
  • Index Labs QRP+



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  1. August 13, 2011 at 10:32 am

    John excellent idea and I am looking forward to seeing how the KX1 does.

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