My best day as K6JSS/5

I worked 19 stations today on various bands as K6JSS/5 but it’s who I worked that made it great – a combination of people I know personally from my time in W2-land and of people I wish I knew personally.

From the former category were Guy N7UN and Ron WB3AAL whom I joined (along with others) on a winter camping trip on the Appalachian Trail in NJ too many years ago. Ron was kind enough to let me commandeer his K2 for more than a fair amount of time.

And from that same geographic area, two people that I never met but have worked often and consider friends – Bob W3BBO and Jim W1PID. Bob has shared some of his lowband antenna insight with me via email from time to time and Jim is always inspiring me from afar with his outdoor ops.

Also coaxed out of the ether was Cam N6GA, the new QRP columnist for CQ Magazine. How he finds the ability to make a monthly column consistently interesting I have no idea, but he certainly does.

And of course Bob N4BP who seems to be everywhere at all times, regardless of band conditions. A band could be entirely dead but N4BP will be booming in anyway come contest time.

Paul W4KLY answered my CQ with 100 watts, then turned it down to 5 watts after we chatted about the QRP ARCI special event. He’s halfway through a K1 build with a goal of achieving WAS with it. Based on how his DX Engineering vertical was sending forth his signal, I predict no problemo.

Other calls I would have liked to worked today, in keeping with the “know him/shoulda met him” theme were Martin VA3SIE – know him, camped with him, discussed the many delicious benefits of haggas & hummus (an inside joke) and Larry W2LJ (shoulda met him when I lived in NJ). Come on guys, let’s get with the program!

The ever-growing logbook:


  2 comments for “My best day as K6JSS/5

  1. W2LJ
    January 26, 2011 at 8:22 am


    Had to work late last night. By the time I got home, you had posted “QRT” on QRPSPOTS. Look for me tonight. We’re having a snowstorm today; and it might take me a while to get home.

    Larry W2LJ

  2. Guy/N7UN
    January 26, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Thanks John for your efforts in organizing this ARCI effort for Texas! Always fun to work you, especially from the field! I’m out this weekend for Winter Field Day. Plan on hiking into the Catfish Firetower on the Appalachian Trail on Saturday. If the wx cooperates, will come up on 14060 +/-. It’s snowing now so let the FUN begin!


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