January miscellany

January is shaping up to be a great month for DXing…except for the Spratley Island problems.

UPDATE: Postponed indefinitely. Bummer.

According to Bernie W3UR and other sources, the team that was supposed to have aired January 6 is still being held up by customs with no definitive word yet on their likelihood of obtaining permission to operate. A lot of big plans and a lot of big money has been put into this endeavor – hopefully it will come to pass.

I’ve added two new overall countries to my log this week – SV5 Dodecanese on 40m and T88 Palau on 17m. And last night, with incredible luck, ST2AR Sudan on 80m. Lucky because he worked two stations after me, then went QRT. I had Sudan on 80m from my old Nueva Jersey QTH, worked during a previous DXpedition (ST0RY), but it was good to get them on that band from here in Texas.

And speaking of DX, the Utah DX Association has a 44-page book on DXing in pdf format available free for your pleasure. You can download it here: New DXer’s Handbook

From an email most other contesters also received, the LZ Open Contest is coming up and I’m happy to pass along this link as they try to establish this new contest.

Along with wintertime DX rolling in, the postman delivered some long-awaited QSLs this week as well. Togo and I have an unhappy past so it was good to finally confirm the ellusive (for me) country. Years ago, I worked them on 30m only to receive a “Not in log” note in reply to my QSL.

QST Magazine arrived in the mail yesterday as well and had a neat article about an upcoming satellite with a few Firsts incorporated into it. Accompanying the article were links to several 2m/440 antennas of mixed polarization that would work well in satellite work using a single feedline for both bands. I think I’m beginning to see a use for my recently repaired FT857D…..

Click for larger

And if the bands will ever die down enough that the DX isn’t audible, I’ll be able to finish processing those images on my SD card to make them look how I pre-imagined them to look before the shoot – vintage-ish, like this one.



  2 comments for “January miscellany

  1. January 11, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    Hi John, worked ST2AR 2 times on 15m RTTY/SSB. You’re lucky, he’s on LOTW. So if you’re in the log and not that unlucky as your previous Togo contact…you got the confirmation fast. Of course, that’s if you’re doing LOTW. I like the way you use light in your photos, makes it really special. Mention the beautifull models helps it as well of course. 73, Bas

  2. January 11, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Yes Bas, I have him confirmed via LOTW on 12m. I like paper QSLs but LOTW sure makes it fast and certain. And we may have a new country soon in a “Southern” Sudan. I agree that the right model can really help a photographer look good! Hopefully the reverse is also true…73!

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