Feeling a little slow? New kit available…

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I met Hans Summers G0UPL a few years ago over coffee and pastries in Greenwich, CT. We’d had a QSO on 80 meters the previous evening and made arrangements to meet the next morning. All that is written about here.

A trip to Hans’ website is a must for any QRPer – the man is a designer/builder extraordinaire.

One of the interesting things I enjoyed reading about on his site is his experiences with QRSS – super slow speed CW for very low power (and often very long range) beacon transmissions and reception.

Hans and Steve G0XAR put together an inexpensive kit that sold out at FDIM but have now put together a new batch of kits and are selling them for around $15.

Each object, in radio & elsewhere, seems to have its own Yahoo group and this kit is no exception.



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  1. July 12, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Caught my interest….Low Power…Slow speed…and cheap.


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