K3: The Cracked Knob Chronicles – updated w/photo

So there I was, trying to work S79GM on 80 meters when I went to turn up the volume and…nada. The knob spun on its shaft like a liberal at George Bush Airport.

Who makes these things for Elecraft….. MFJ? Fischer-Price?

There was a thread on this very topic three months ago that Elecraft had apparently resolved. Not!

Both my AF and RF Gain knobs are cracked.

UPDATE: An email to Tech Support has 2 new knobs on the way.

This issue arose back in December when this was posted to the Elecraft reflector. A few days later, Eric Swartz posted this, promising that the issue was resolved. These posts were from December. My K3 was ordered and shipped 3 weeks ago – three months after the issue was “resolved”.

After having the rig operational for 2 weeks, both the AF and RF knobs are cracked under normal use. In the email informing me that replacements are on the way, I’m cautioned to, “Please evenly tighten both of the two set screws very gently and just to the point where they prevent slippage”. Sounds like they still may be very fragile.

Maybe it’s the whole “green thing” that seems so popular among some these days and the knobs are made from recycled egg shells…




  3 comments for “K3: The Cracked Knob Chronicles – updated w/photo

  1. March 23, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Oy! For what the rig goes for THAT should not happen!

    73 de W2LJ

  2. March 24, 2010 at 7:42 am

    Have to echo Larry’s comment. You would think that as much “press” as this has received that they would have corrected this matter. By the way, have you happened to see the aftermarket weighted knob for K2’s? You can view it here:


    Looks great and I’m sure it’s cool but for 90 bucks, you’re talking nearly 15% the cost of a new K2!

    73 Ed

  3. March 24, 2010 at 8:47 am

    $90 for a knob?! I’d love to hear the justification that must go on in a buyer’s head as he makes that final mouse click to authorize payment…”Well it’s for an Elecraft, not a Yaesu, so I’ll do it – my baby’s worth it”!

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