Czech out this rotary encoder for ATS-3x series rigs

Encoder_ATS_smallOne of the neatest features of any ATS-3-series of QRP radios is their high performance-to-size ratio.

The diminutive size comes at a cost though and one of those is the method of tuning. We are all used to rotary dial tuning and the pushbutton UP and DOWN buttons on the ATS-3 not only lack the traditional feel of tuning a radio, it also could be argued that you aren’t even tuning it: you’re letting the radio tune itself with your only input being in telling it which direction to tune.

Miroslav Batěk (not sure of his callsign) has developed what looks to be a nice addition to the ATS3 rigs. According to Miro’s description on his website, the encoder can be easily detatched from the ATS-3 in the event you want to operate the rig as originally designed.

At $30 including shipping from Prague, I can’t let this one go. I have a built & DX-tested ATS-3A and an unbuilt ATS-3B, one of which will be rotary tuned soon.

The ingenuity of some people in this hobby never fails to amaze me.

UPDATE: Order placed – it’s on the way…



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